The Ultimate Off-Grid Tiny House Guide

Want to know how to get started with an off-grid tiny house? This ultimate guide introduces you to the concept, shares  upsides and downsides to this kind of living, provides  information on the best sorts of appliances for an off-grid tiny house (including ovens, cookers, coolers, lights, and phone chargers) and profiles of those who […]

Living Off the Grid – Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living [Infographic]

Living Off the Grid – Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living [Infographic] Going off the grid is an attractive option for those who want more self-sufficiency and less dependence on the currently established institutions. Creating a life where you are no longer dependent on the electrical grid means you produce your own power, collect or pump […]

10 Silent Hunting Weapons To Maintain Concealment | The Survivalist Blog

The Survivalist Blog

Hunting is the primal pursuit of food, and today remains a greatly beloved pastime as well as a rite of passage and a legitimate survival skill. a few recurve-bows Accordingly, preppers are well served to become at least serviceable hunters, and if you want to bag game you’ll need to become familiar with the tools […]